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Welcome to The Jazz Exchange Secret Show

In collaboration with Yardbird Entertainment

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Emerging Artist

Bassist Destiny Diggs-Pinto


Destiny Diggs-Pinto is a bassist who started off on the classical track but quickly fell in love with jazz.  Her largest bass influences have been Christian McBride, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, and Charles Mingus. She heavily began listening to jazz in 2015. Her study of jazz drew her to listen to everyone from Miles Davis to Sarah Vaughn and John Coltrane. She participated in the Jazz House Kids jazz training program under the direction of Christian McBride and Melissa Walker for 5 years. In 2019 Destiny was announced as one of the Young Arts Double Bass Jazz winners. She is currently attending the Manhattan School of Music on a full tuition scholarship under the tutelage of jazz great maestro Ron Carter. 


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Band Members

Destiny Diggs - Bass 

Vittorio Stropoli - Piano  

Quinton Cain - Drums 

Will Evans  - Trumpet


Featured Artist

Drummer Jerome Jennings

Jerome Jennings is a drummer, activist, bandleader, composer, sideman and educator. His debut recording ‘The Beast’ is a reflection of the everyday joys and traumas of black life in the U.S. It was named one of the top three Jazz releases by NPR, received a four star rating in Downbeat Magazine, and was nominated for the prestigious French ‘Grand Prix du Disque’ award for Album of the Year in 2016. Jerome’s sophomore recording, ‘Solidarity’, released November 2019 was recognized by NPR as best music that spoke truth to power of 2019.


Jerome Jennings - Drums 

Wallace Roney, Jr. - Trumpet

Anthony Ware - Saxophone(s)

Shamie Royston - Piano 

Corcoran Holt - Bass

Band Members

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About the Organization

Jazz Exchange logo.png

Founders Candice Reyes & Abel Mireles

The Jazz Exchange is an organization committed to connecting communities through music while creating a platform for established and emerging jazz artists. The purpose of this organization is not only to create performance opportunities for musicians but also to support local businesses, connect with audiences around the world through audio and video technologies, and cultivate youth development through music education. 

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Production Company

Yarbird Ent White Transparent Logo.png

Founders Abel Mireles & Peter Lin

Yardbird Entertainment is a cohesive production company dedicated towards bridging the gap between music performance and technology. The team provides a myriad of music services including live music booking, audio/video and livestream productions, and virtual educational content. 

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Candice Reyes, The Jazz Exchange

Abel Mireles, The Jazz Exchange & Yardbird Entertainment

Peter Lin, Yardbird Entertainment

William Chen, Yardbird Entertainment + Technical Team

Martin Mejia, The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Chris Drukker, Photographer

Mirna Plakalović, Designer / Photographer / Videographer

Rich Potenza, Videographer

Jay Dougherty, Volunteer


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