The Jazz Exchange Education Program builds bridges between communities through music education. 



Founders Candice Reyes and Abel Mireles are supporting Emerging Artists from their hometown El Paso and Juarez area, by connecting them with performance and music educational opportunities outside of their communities.    


We believe that jazz is the perfect platform for students, professionals, and audiences to collaborate, listen, and support each other while building communities. We are committed not only to provide students with the highest standards of jazz education but also to follow a path that will inspire them to continue to create and be passionate about their craft.  




 Students who are interested in attending and would like to be part of The Jazz Exchange Education Program must be from Juarez, El Paso, New Mexico area. Due to the global crisis, the Education Program will be virtual. Based on the limited availability we will be reviewing your information and will reach out to you once we have received your information. 

We are accepting applicants for 2021, you must be at least 15 -18 years of age to apply. If you are a graduating senior you are still eligible. 


Please fill out the following questionnaire.

The Jazz Exchange Education Program Questionnaire



The Jazz Exchange Education Program partners with music education non-profit organization JAZZ HOUSE KiDS. For two weeks in August, the Jazz House Summer Workshop immerses students in the art of jazz performance and helps them become well-rounded musicians that include masterclasses, small groups, and big band ensemble, history and culture, composition and film scoring, workshops,  jam sessions. 


The Jazz Exchange Education Program students will represent El Paso and Juarez at the two weeks Summer Workshop. Students are housed at MSU campus, attending performances at renowned jazz clubs in NYC and New Jersey, travel to the Newport Jazz Festival, and end with a performance at the Montclair Jazz FestivalThe students will be engaged with a diverse community of fellow musicians in the local area, Peru, London, and many more through workshops, jam sessions, performances by faculty members, and special guests. Our students will have the opportunity to have a New York City sightseeing day with The Jazz Exchange founders.  

The Jazz Exchange Education Program builds bridges for a dynamic community of emerging artists and leaders from El Paso and Juarez area. The participants of our program will cultivate and flourish by expanding their opportunities with a diverse community of like-minded peers, a safe environment, mentorship through some of the top artists in the jazz industry, and a supportive path to excellence. Students get exposed to a music scene and environment that most of the time surpasses the musical level of their local communities; challenging, and encouraging them to strive for excellence. Learning happens in communities and participants who are part of our education program develop communication and life skills. They understand that through hard work and discipline they can achieve big goals in life. 


The Jazz Exchange Education Program connects our students to organizations and institutions such as JAZZ HOUSE KiDS based in Montclair, New Jersey. The Jazz Exchange Program participants have attended the Summer Workshop for the past two years, experiencing opportunities to learn from leading industry artist-educators, perform at jazz festivals such as the MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL, and at renowned jazz clubs such as Dizzy’s Jazz Coca Cola Club at Lincoln Center, top New Jersey jazz clubs and more. 

Paola Munoz

2018 Alumni

Balam Sarellano

2019 Alumni

Chantal Barrera

2019 Alumni

Lenin Hernandez Ortiz

2020 Alumni

Fernando Daniel Santana Urbieta 

2020 Alumni

Luis Vasquez

2018 Alumni

Elena Valenzuela

2019 Alumni

Santiago Navarro

2019 Alumni

José Leonardo Dávila Aldana

2020 Alumni

Juan Daniel Dávila Mercado

2020 Alumni

Diego Mena

2020 Alumni


Sponsor A Student 

Providing tuition assistance for a student in The Jazz Exchange Education Program aids students from the Southwest and Border area an opportunity to experience classes at the JAZZ HOUSE and Summer Workshop, our new fund aids talented students who are committed to playing music and learning jazz. Your support will impact the future generation and open the opportunities for students in the El Paso and Juarez area to participate and expand their knowledge with world-class jazz artists and fellow students from around the world. 

"Giving is not just about making a donation. But making a difference and impacting future generations."

The Jazz Exchange Education Program is in partnership with Jazz House Kids & SMart

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