Building Communities through Music and Education

The Jazz Exchange is an organization committed to connecting communities through music while creating a platform for established and upcoming musicians. The purpose of this organization is not only to create performance opportunities for musicians but also to connect with audiences around the world, cultivate and flourish youth development through music education, exposing our diverse communities to the public through video and audio. The Jazz Exchanges maintains the efforts to support our youth, artists, and music educators through virtual and online platforms that will continue to sustain the jazz community. 


The Jazz Exchange Education Program builds bridges for a dynamic community of emerging artists and leaders from El Paso and Juarez area. We connects our students to organizations and institutions such as JAZZ HOUSE KiDS that expand their opportunities with a diverse community of like-minded peers, a safe environment, mentorship through some of the top artists in the jazz industry, and a supportive path to excellence. Learning happens in communities and participants who are part of our education program develop communication and life skills.


We believe that jazz is the perfect platform for students, professionals, and audiences to collaborate, listen, and support each other while building communities. We are committed not only to provide our community with memorable experiences but to incorporate how music has the power to connect the human soul that creates your own experience.


Meet The Founders

Candice Reyes

Founder / Director


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Abel Mireles

Founder / Producer


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