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Your support is about more than giving dollars;

it’s about building the community to make change and spread music.

The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the lives of so many people, including jazz artists and freelancers in the jazz community. Our Jazz Exchange Relief Fund is experiencing record requests, and we need your help. 100% of your donation will support impacted jazz artists right now. Many of our artists are facing unpredictable hardships due to COVID 19. Some lack critical resources for living.


Your donation will be put to immediate use, helping artists with:

Food budget assistance and rent support

Every gift makes a big difference to an artist in need. Thank you for helping us reach our goal of $15,000!

Supporting  Full-time musicians from NYC/NJ 

1.8K of our funds have been distributed to jazz artists in most need

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 to continue to assist jazz artists in need. 

GIVE to our Relief Fund so we can continue to support artists during these challenging times. 

To know you are thinking of the artists, at a time when life is difficult, speaks volumes to your kindness and graciousness. 


The Jazz Exchange is transforming the concept of live performances into a virtual experience for audiences to connect around the world. The purpose of our Virtual Jazz Sessions is to push boundaries to create solutions during challenging times and still inspire jazz musicians, vocalists, composers, arrangers, audio engineers and video editors to collaborate virtually and still be creative.  

1 Vocalist

50 NYC & NJ local Jazz Musicians


1 Mission

1 Producer

2 Composers

2 Arrangers

1 Lyricist

1 Mixing Engineer

Mastering Engineers

Video Editor

250K+ Virtual Views and growing

4.5K+ Shares

on Social Media around the world

1.5K+ Active Followers and Supporters

New York, Texas , Mexico City, Washington, Pennsylvania, 

Georgia, New Mexico, Chihuahua, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Canada, Sweden, Chile, France, Italy, United Kingdom,

and YOU!

"The Stakeout"

"Breath Away"




We feel music is an "essential " need for all of us during these challenging times. Help us uplift our jazz artists to continue to find ways to be creative and still feel supported. We know there are many organizations that you can choose from and support, we appreciate all the donors and contributors who choose to empower our cause to help us build communities through music!