The Jazz Exchange helping jazz artists during COVID-19


Founders Candice Reyes and Abel Mireles are supporting local North Jersey and NYC full-time and part-time jazz artists with The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund!

Due to the COVID-19 we are raising money to support  artists who are taking a huge financial hit because of this pandemic. Because of COVID-19 a lot of their performances, tours, teaching gigs, lessons and more have all been cancelled. The Jazz Exchange would like to raise funds to provide emergency and preventative resources to those at financial risk.

The Jazz Exchange seeks to provide support to full-time/part-time jazz artists whose livelihoods are being effected by this pandemic in NYC/NJ. Whether it's from cancelled gigs, lost jobs, or a lack of business due to coronavirus scares, we hope to help them with the essentials. 
Those that submit application depending on the state of our funds will receive some financial help. The more funding we receive, the more money we can provide to more people. We've created an application to help us prioritize those in our community most at-risk and in need. Application submission may be limited depending on the amount raised for our full-time jazz artists. 
Our goal is to raise as much funds as possible in order to support jazz  artists who have been most affected. The amount we can provide is based on our donations received, the amount of requests we have, and the requests we project will come in the near future.

Jazz artists apply here: 

1. Apply 
Full-time/Part-time jazz artists from North Jersey/NYC must apply and provide information listed in the application. All information submitted remains confidential. If you don't hear from us right away please be patient we will reach out as soon as possible.  

2. Revision
The Jazz Exchange team will review the applicants and prioritize the artist in most need. Our team will contact the selected applicants to discuss details. Please make sure to fill out the full application, if you do not provide the information requested your application may not be processed. 

3. Distribution of Funds
The selected artists will be given the financial support in accordance to their needs and application submission. Funds will be distributed through written check that will be mailed to you directly or through digital payment such as Venmo or PayPal. 
For logistics and transparency: The Jazz Exchange founders will withdraw the funds as results from the application and send the funds to the individual artist.  Candice Reyes & Abel Mireles will ensure that funds are dispersed ethically and are accounted for directly. Funds will go directly to the artists to counter any lost income incurred as a result of cancelled jobs, gigs, and illnesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the city. 

The Jazz Exchange is committed to work diligently to support each artists to the best of our abilities based on the raised funds. We are aware that there will be a high volume of musicians who are affected by COVID-19, if we do not have enough funds we will close the application based on the amount of musicians applying. Again we ask for your patience.

Thank you!
The Jazz Exchange