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Is a collaborative leadership between the members of the band. This power trio has a fusion ingredient of jazz, rock, experimental, ambient, electronic, and world music. Born and bred in the middle of the desert expanding the sound spectrum from the roots of its own power, energy, calm, and life itself.

Juan Pedro. A musician from the Ciudad Juárez and El Paso border. His beginnings are in punk, he was part of the Viva Las Vegas trio that called him "Damn Desert Rock 'n Roll" and he is a jazz player from this border. It also tells us a little about the history of jazz in Ciudad Juárez and the relevance that this city had in the days when the city was a place of entertainment for American tourists.

Lawerence Brown. A percussionist, producer, and vocalist based in El Paso, Texas. He has served as one of the directors for the music camp that is hosted by the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind at Enchanted Hills in Napa, California.  Lawrence is also involved in teen outreach work such as his mentorship position in the El Paso Youth Leadership Forum and as a guest lecturer at Guide dogs of Hawaii's spring teen retreat. Along with maintaining a position as Worship Director at St. Mark's United Methodist, Lawrence is an instructor at the Academy of Music for the Blind and is working to become an Orientation and Mobility Specialist.

Eric Howell.  A bassist, composer, and music educator based in El Paso, Texas, and has been active in the local music scene for the last ten years in the jazz, pop, and rock genres. He currently has a Masters's in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and a bachelor's in Commercial Music from the University of Texas at El Paso. His most recent release is entitled 'Love and Other Vulgar Things’ and is found on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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Fernando Lechuga.

Was born in Ciudad Juarez, he is a fourth-generation musician; his first teacher was his father Roman Lechuga who was an excellent musician and pianist. He attended Austin High School graduating in 1972 with top honors. In 1974 he enrolled at The University of Texas-El Paso.

In 1978 he went to Los Angeles, California where for three years worked composing and arranging as a television and recording musician. In 1981 he returned to El Paso where he continued his work and in that year together with his brother Juan Lechuga opened a nightclub called Candilejas. In 1985 he went back to school at UTEP and in 1989 he received his B.A. of Music with a double major, in piano performance, and theory and composition. While attending university he continued working as a professional musician, composing, arranging, and as a studio musician. Later he was co-owner of La Posta recording studio and Rio Nightclub. In 2000 he received his Masters's degree in piano performance from UTEP, where he worked as an instructor. Presently he is a music instructor at El Paso Community College and at the El Paso Music Conservatory. He owns a recording studio and is still very active as a composer, arranger, and professional musician with his group Azucar. Forty years later, Fernando and his brother Juan Lechuga are still going strong with the band that introduced salsa rhythms to the El Paso live music scene, and as always, performing a variety of music.

Fernando Lechuga - Piano 

David Rodriguez - Bass 

Frank La Rosa - Congas 

Yasmany Osnell - Drums 

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Old Sheepdog Brewery.

Gus along with his wife Brisa Delgado, and their two sons, embarked on the journey of establishing Old Sheepdog Brewery in 2018 with the goal of finding the perfect location to match their vision for a unique one-of-a-kind brewery experience in El Paso, TX. The Brewery is located at 3900 Rosa Ave. in an older industrial warehouse built in the 1930s. Nestled in the heart of El Paso and sitting next to the iconic Lincoln Park murals, the building has been brought back to life with an art-centered aesthetic through an overwhelming contribution from local talented artists.  For Gus and Brisa having grown up on both sides of the border, it was important for that culture to come through in the beer they brewed. What started in their home kitchen as a hobby, morphed into a passionate pursuit of sharing the flavors of the “Frontera” with the community.  The ingredients used to elicit feelings of nostalgia from their Abuela’s home-cooked meals pay tribute to those precious moments of family gatherings and the borderland’s rich cultura. 

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Founders Candice Reyes & Abel Mireles

The Jazz Exchange is an organization committed to building communities through music.

Our programs provide a platform where audiences can, discover new venues, meet new people,

and experience new artists.

The Jazz Exchange es una organización comprometida con la construcción de comunidades a través de la música. Nuestros programas brindan una plataforma donde el público puede descubrir nuevos lugares,

conocer gente nueva y experimentar nuevos artistas.

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Team Coordinator: Richie Marrufo      Greeter: Danielle Quintanar      Videographer: Valentine      Audio Engineer: Bruno Avitia 

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Camera Crew: Jackie Villegas & Nicholas Anthony and director Valentin Sandoval


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